Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I hope you die you pen-hogging bitch!

So anyway, I was in a lecture the other morning but I didn't have a pen to sign the register with. It was first thing on a Monday morning - I'm not exactly Mr organised am I? So when the girl next to me passed the signing sheet thing I asked if I could borrow her pen so that I could sign it. "No". She fucking said no! What a stuck up bitch! Who the fuck says no to letting someone use a pen to sign their name on a register?!? Did she think I was going to run away with it or something? I mean how can such stuck up cunts make it that far in life?

Maybe she mis-heard me or something and thought I was asking if I could kill her or rape her mum or something. But probably not. I hope her pen kills her or at least leaks in her pockets - that would fucking teach her!

In other news, I have no internet. That's right, I'm blogging in public. It's like I'm fucking French!

(they probably blog in public)

Anyway, it's been great blogging again - even if no one reads this - which is likely to be the case.

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