Monday, 30 November 2009

Martin's Messed Up Dreams Vol 8 - Poo in a sink

Probably one of the most messed up dreams I've ever had.

Waking up within the dream, I'm told that in the previous night, I'd gotten very drunk and shat in a sink. It wasn't just any sink, it was a sink in a posh hotel type place. I had to go there and clean it. Everyone there was very nice - considering I did a shit in their sink. Though as it turned out, there was a lot of suspicion that it hadn't been me. I was just a scape-goat! Towards the end, things got strange as a bunch of internet phenomenons that don't actually exist started popping up.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I hope you die you pen-hogging bitch!

So anyway, I was in a lecture the other morning but I didn't have a pen to sign the register with. It was first thing on a Monday morning - I'm not exactly Mr organised am I? So when the girl next to me passed the signing sheet thing I asked if I could borrow her pen so that I could sign it. "No". She fucking said no! What a stuck up bitch! Who the fuck says no to letting someone use a pen to sign their name on a register?!? Did she think I was going to run away with it or something? I mean how can such stuck up cunts make it that far in life?

Maybe she mis-heard me or something and thought I was asking if I could kill her or rape her mum or something. But probably not. I hope her pen kills her or at least leaks in her pockets - that would fucking teach her!

In other news, I have no internet. That's right, I'm blogging in public. It's like I'm fucking French!

(they probably blog in public)

Anyway, it's been great blogging again - even if no one reads this - which is likely to be the case.

My 100th post

Yay. 100 posts. I fucking rule.

Happy face.