Saturday, 28 February 2009

Doing Walkers A F(l)avour - Part 2 Will be coming soon

1 month down

well well well. Today is the 1/12th anniversary of this blog... Well actually the blog's more than a month old but my first post was a month ago and that's what's important.

Now let's celebrate with some cake. And by cake, I mean a plectrum stuck in blu-tack


incase you were wondering...

I can now confirm that The Kooks' version of 'Victoria' is shit

Still. It's better than anything else they've done (The horn section was at least interesting).

Now to listen to the original...

Ahh, that's better.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Doing Walkers A F(l)avour - Part 1

As you may or may not know, Walkers have launched a (some would say exciting) campaign for finding a new flavour of crisps. The nominations are in and 6 flavours have been accepted - but only one can stay (cue climatic music). The one that remains shall be decided by the crisp-eating public - i.e. us.

Of these 6 flavours, I've tried - and judged 3 so far.

Not bad, they taste sort of like barbecue beef or chicken - but better - 7/10

Surprisingly good, my mouth came alive with the taste of tree-dwelling critters. Very possibly a surprise win in the making -9/10

As I put the crisp in my mouth, the flavour came alive and danced around my mouth. That would be great if it weren't such an awful flavour - felt like I was eating sewage - 1/10


Monday, 16 February 2009

I just realised that this blog doesn't have a title!

So yeah, turns out that the pub quiz isn't on tonight. Stupid union's closed.

That's depressing. I only really woke up today to go to the pub quiz - I might as well have stayed in bed.

Though to be fair, that games testing guy still hasn't given me the £30 worth of union vouchers that he owes me so I'd have to buy drinks with money. I think when (or maybe if) he finally does give me the vouchers, I'm going to get absolutely fucked - just for the sheer thrill of it... because I don't usually do that anyway.

That's right, I don't

I usually just get moderately drunk - just something drown out the screaming in my head.

*curls up in a fetal position in the corner of a room*

Friday, 13 February 2009

I haven't posted here in a while


I haven't really done that much to talk about

though - saying that...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The female post

Stacey said that I should add a feminine touch to my blog so yeah... tampons, barbies, pink things!!!


scented candles, perfume, jewelry, bubble baths!!!!!!


lol, A girl hurt billy's leg

and that's why he's not updated his blog


Saturday, 7 February 2009

Happy Days in Dundee

I was just looking at the Abertay students website (as you do) today... or was it yesterday - I'm not sure. But I was looking at it and my eye drifted to the "Latest News" section. I assumed that this would be news about the going ons within the university community - how wrong I was...

Quite fucking grim for a light-hearted, student-oriented website though still, it is Dundee.

Friday, 6 February 2009

I haven't posted in a couple of days...

I blame Billy. He was all like "you're blog's not very deep" "It's just a picture of a bra" and I was all like "fuck you you gypsy, nazi cunt!"

He backed away and I won...

and that's why I don't like old people.

...Or Jesus birds

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I have a problem

it's not a simple and easy to solve problem either, it's fucking serious.

I mean see if I'm in a mid-latitude climate - and it's like autumn... I might find that hard to appreciate!

what can I possibly do to appreciate autumn int a mid-latitude climate!?!?!?

If only there was some website I could go to to find out...

hey... what's this?

Finally, all my problems solved


Billy said that I should write longer blogs



in my fridge

I'm gonna have me some tuna

and maybe some retarded looking 'survivor bear'

Monday, 2 February 2009

fuck you, you ipod stealing bastards!

I was just looking through ebay... as you do. And I saw an advert from the royal mail. For those who don't know, I'm not fond of the royal mail - not after the ipod incident. just in case you're unclear of my stance on the Royal Mail...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Oh daisy...

looking over my last post, I reallised that I'm quite the geek... I'm so geeky, that I wrote a blog about taking photos of Nintendos...

I need help - or maybe help needs me

speaking of help, here's that junky lady who was outside the union that time

I've been waiting years for this

All those years looking at pictures of all the Nintendos together in various poses such as being piled up with a NES on the bottom and a wii on top (though actually, I don't think that would work very well - The shape of the N64 wouldn't work well, it's too curvy) have come to an end. They used to make me think 'wow, that person is fucking cool, I wish I was that person - well now I am!

I've actually had the Nintendo family for over a year now, but I've never actually gotten round to taking the 'family photo' until now.

^now isn't that beautiful?

Also yeah, I know the less mainstream or handheld consoles like the virtual boy or the Game boy are missing but don't be like all picky about it or I'll cry.

Fuck you Hitler, it's Febuary

Well that's January finished with, wasn't a bad month, I got my hair cut (twice), I got the new msn and most importantly of all, I got a new comb. It's black. Like Billy. Except he's white.

I leave you now with a picture of what Johnny V would look like if he were in a Saw film

happy new ye... month