Wednesday, 29 July 2009

wheely fucked up stuff

I was commenting on another blog earlier and I got that stupid anti-bot verification thing looking a bit like this...

Now fair enough it's there to stop spam, but it's just so damn inconvenient.

The one thing that got me though was the small picture next to where you type. A picture of a wheelchair. In the magical world of the internet, what does having a wheelchair have to do leaving a comment on a blog? Surely I'm not the only one who can type without walking, wheelchair people should be able to aswell. Maybe if you're on a wheelchair, you can't read the funny text they have and pressing the button gives an alternitive way of sharing this information. I decidd to press the button and a voice started playing. Did the voice say what the letters were? I don't think it actually did. it was all backwardsy - quite scary really. Kept saying something about "saint N?" and how he sad and had a tool shed or somthing, then it wend on to say someone (I didn't get the name) was a "big ol' bender". Clearly, disabled people can't read funny text but can hear sounds if they are played in reverse - that's a sciento-logical (nothing to do with scientology)fact.

This post contained 2 made up words and countless spelling mistakes - I'm sure Leggat will find them and point them out for/at me.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Post #75

Yes, it's my 75th post here!!!

It seems like just yesterday (or at least the day before yesterday) that I was writing my 67th post spectacular. Though this actually is the 75th - the 67th one was actually my 64th or something. I fucked up.
Leggat didn't blog yesterday so I cut myself. But not really. I remember one time he said he was going to blog about a circus or something - but a circus with something unusual about it. Do you remember Leggat? No? Oh never mind then.
I was in WHSmith today. They have a special rack for "The magazine of the week" though there were actually a few different magazines - all about Michael Jackson. When I die, I hope I get on a WHSmith magizine of the month. That's the dream.

Now for another bargain from the lovely people at Tesco...

In other news, someone got arrested across the road yesterday, it was pretty cool. Especially since the person getting arrested was Johnny V - all those days of stealing from charity boxes have finally caught up on him.

well join me next time for Post #76


EDIT: I just found out some more information on the power ranger actor on death row story. Turns out the guy on death row was an extra in an episode and he killed a couple on a boat... as you do.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

You Have The Power (unless you're dead)


I left my last post on a mention of something I liked as a kid, but another (more mainstream) thing I liked as a kid was...


Man, they kicked ass, but where are they now?

I've heard a lot of stories about them. I've heard that some of them have ended up in porn, that one of them died in a car crash during 9/11 and even that one of them's on death row. But how much of this is true and how much of it's Bullshit? Well to cut a long story short, the 9/11 story is the only one that comes close.

Jason, He was the Red Power Ranger; everyone's favourite. Played by... *opens wikipedia* Austin St. John.
here's what he looked like in 2007...

He's a paramedic now, not exactly pornography...

Then there's the Black power ranger. What rhymes with black? Zack! So that's what they called him. They also made him a black guy... racism lol.
I'm not going to post a picture of what he looks like but look at the opening page to his website...
wow, just wow. He only has 9 fingers.

And what about the blue Power Ranger, he was Billy - The geek you learn to love and all that sort of stuff... now he does stuff for AIDs or something. No one really cares about him anyway.

Then there's the yellow Power Ranger who was of course asian. There's that underlined racism getting back in again... Her name was Trini, that's not really racist though so nevermind. She was played by Thuy Trang who died September 2001 but on the 3rd and in San Francisco. Turns out she was 27 when she died how rock and roll...

None of the other ones have done anything excitng either. Yeah, I'm disapointed too.

I forgot the title and labels...

so Leggat's going to update his blog every day huh? well I'm going to update mine everytimme he updates his. Just because I can... and have nothing better to do.

he's posted on his blog 2 days in a row so I'm due another post. I'll do it when I'm less tired, it'll be about the power rangers.

Anyway, there's a green rabbit that's been haunting my mind since I was a child I knew his face but not his name, then I found out he was called Bucky O'hare. That's the whole story.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

RIP Leggat

Leggat's not actually dead (unless he died in the last couple of hours, in which case; my bad.) he's just gone home for a week or 2. We got water balloons yesterday and a thing for making giant bubbles but that's got little to do with this anecdote(I MIGHT mention it later). The story really started when we threw them at a bus... what a brilliant idea (or maybe I should say "water balloonient idea". that's actually a bit too forced, "water brilliant idea" would probbably get a better reaction but I want to go over-board with this pun. If you go over-board on a boat, you end up in water which brings me back to the subject I was talking about - water. Well water in balloon form anyway) ... I compltely lost where I was because of all that stuff I put in brackets. In the end, some guy shouted at Leggat and tried to kill us... unsuccessfully.

To break the post up a little, here's what me and Leggat did with Johnny's guitar...

He "lost sleep over this".

I would've written this post a little earlier but the router restart its self so I decided to poo instead.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Oh Crab!

I just realised that I said "crap" instead of "crab" a couple of posts ago... there, fixed. Oh, and by "I just realised", I mean Leggat told me about it half an hour ago.
I don't want to jynx it but I think I've fixed my sleeping pattern and I did a big part of my uni re-assessment thing. It's not even due in for a month I'm so on top of things it hurts. "If only you worked this hard at the time you idiot". Fuck you. You're always so pessimistic - whoever you are. Anyway, there's guy across the road and he was cleaning the window - FROM OUTSIDE. It was like a middle-aged spiderman - and I mean all kinds of spiderman! (A little something there for the old school blog followers - i.e. Billy. Hi Billy *waves*)

The window guy's just moved onto the next window - I shall watch in anticipation. I might even watch with my ping pong ball eye(A little something there for people who know about the ping pong ball eye i.e. (eye ee) Leggat). He was leaning against the window with a flat hand, he looked a bit like a mime - except it was real glass. How exciting.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

"This country..."

I went to the jobcenter earlier this morning. They weren't doing job searches today, instead, they were just doing benefit claims... That's right, you go to find work but instead they offer you money for nothing - what an incentive. No wonder the country's gone to shit. I say "gone to shit", I don't think it's that bad - yet. Though I could do with a job, apparently I'm not good enough for McDonald's. The other day, Stacey said I looked like the Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy? But I'm not black - yet.

It's raining outside... I'm talking about the weather, that's what this post has come to. Maybe a picture could change the subject.


Oh Josef you crazy fool *shakes head at Josef Fritzl's crazy foolishness*.

The Austrian version of 'Upstairs Downstairs' - if you don't make it, Sky will!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sleep is for the weak

I seem to have evolved past needing to sleep. Though I will sleep eventually (probably). I Think I'm going to go for a walk, last time I went for a walk at this time, it was beautiful.

The tay looked like that...

And this picture of the other thing speaks for its self...

I also saw a crab (crab's nest lol), it seemed to be trying to reach for me - so I ate it... tasted like Starburst.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

I Reset The Blog Counter!

It's like I've got a brand new blog. The last one seemed kind of wrong since most of the views were Leggat *shakes fist at Leggat*.

I was going to write a much longer post but my finger nails are too long so I won't.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

7 - 8 - 9 ... If you're American!!!!!!!

They put the month before the date over there - hence the high rate of gun crime.

Anyway, enough of me insulting the most powerful nation in the world(for now), my room has almost made it to a state of perfection. I was up till 5am yesterday tidying and I'll probably do the same now but my room is actually starting to look tidy - not bad considering I don't have anything for storing clothes other than a cardboard box - Oh and since I still haven't got any fucking keys!
My landlord said he'd get them for me sometime after 5pm and it's now 3:50am - He's cutting it fucking short.

I found the cable for connecting my phone to my laptop but I can't be arsed getting it right now so this post won't have any pictures in it - unless I find a good one on my laptop...

I'm trying to upload a GIF of Alan Partridge playing airbass but it doesn't seem to be working. If it uploads before I've finished this post, I'll include it.

Speaking of enve- oh it loaded...

damn, the animation won't work.


Speaking of envelopes, Leggat ran my toe over in Tesco today. A little girl started laughing at my pain but I soon wiped the smile of her face - with a gun.

Yeah, this post went quite sour at the end didn't it?

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Happy Birthday Lee

He almost definatly won't read this - that's why I texted him - making this post completely useless.


Fuck you society.

The 67th Post Spectacular

That's right! It's the 67th post spectacular... Nothing too special, it's just an exciting(ish?) title. 67's an exiting number! It's 491 less than 558. It's the year that The Beatles released Sgt. Peppers and I Am The Walrus (one time I bought £19.63 worth of shopping and when the checkout lady said "That's £1963" I said "The year of the Beatles' first album." based on her reaction, she's not a Beatles fan and doesn't appreciate Beatles trivia - bitch.) And it's also the age of that guy on the cider bottle Kenzie left here - though actually, he could've been 66 I don't have to make this post you know! I was actually going to do about 6 loads worth of ironing right now. But Leggat came in my room and said "you haven't blogged in a while". It was a pretty short conversation and seeing as Leggat hasn't blogged in almost a week it was a little hypocritical to be honest. That's right Leggat, BLOG MORE! And Billy! You need to blog more too! You haven't blogged since early May! I'd also like to see Simmo and Kenzie blog more too but that's another story.

Anyway I was going to tidy my room and iron my clothes but instead I'm writing a blog and listening to Supergrass (actually I'm listening to The Kinks but that's like so predictable so I'm saying Supergrass instead). I have to stop for a minute because I hear people outside and I want to tease them with my strongbow can on a string. Damn, someone stole it - snapped it right off the string. I guess there is such a thing as pure evil.

Speaking of pure evil, Stacey signed me up to work at McDonald's (I did it before but apparently I was "too honest"). By the way I'm not saying Stacey's evil, I'm calling McDonald's evil - big difference. Though Stacey did call me a "lazy shite" the other day - I think she's a little bitter about me beating her at that 'friends' game. Stacey's a bad loser.

Recently, my life has revolved heavily around either playing Xbox, making pasta(I'm going to invent the greatest pasta sauce known to man - I told Leggat already - tell them Leggat!) and going to Tesco(no, not Tesco Extra). Tesco's great but they don't seem to sell hoi sin sauce - or water balloons.

I have some pictures that I plan on posting on the blog along with related anecdotes - some funny, some tragic. But I can't find the cable for my phone because my room's so unorganised. It doesn't help that I don't have a chest of drawers. I suppose I should go do that ironing now - after all, those clothes aren't going to iron themselves - or are they?

What about the elephants?

Friday, 3 July 2009

Take It To The Bridge

I haven't blogged since turning 20.

Here's a picture I made.