Monday, 20 July 2009

Oh Crab!

I just realised that I said "crap" instead of "crab" a couple of posts ago... there, fixed. Oh, and by "I just realised", I mean Leggat told me about it half an hour ago.
I don't want to jynx it but I think I've fixed my sleeping pattern and I did a big part of my uni re-assessment thing. It's not even due in for a month I'm so on top of things it hurts. "If only you worked this hard at the time you idiot". Fuck you. You're always so pessimistic - whoever you are. Anyway, there's guy across the road and he was cleaning the window - FROM OUTSIDE. It was like a middle-aged spiderman - and I mean all kinds of spiderman! (A little something there for the old school blog followers - i.e. Billy. Hi Billy *waves*)

The window guy's just moved onto the next window - I shall watch in anticipation. I might even watch with my ping pong ball eye(A little something there for people who know about the ping pong ball eye i.e. (eye ee) Leggat). He was leaning against the window with a flat hand, he looked a bit like a mime - except it was real glass. How exciting.


  1. " he looked a bit like a mine "

    Not a landmine surely!?

    I love pointing out little typing errors. :)