Saturday, 4 July 2009

The 67th Post Spectacular

That's right! It's the 67th post spectacular... Nothing too special, it's just an exciting(ish?) title. 67's an exiting number! It's 491 less than 558. It's the year that The Beatles released Sgt. Peppers and I Am The Walrus (one time I bought £19.63 worth of shopping and when the checkout lady said "That's £1963" I said "The year of the Beatles' first album." based on her reaction, she's not a Beatles fan and doesn't appreciate Beatles trivia - bitch.) And it's also the age of that guy on the cider bottle Kenzie left here - though actually, he could've been 66 I don't have to make this post you know! I was actually going to do about 6 loads worth of ironing right now. But Leggat came in my room and said "you haven't blogged in a while". It was a pretty short conversation and seeing as Leggat hasn't blogged in almost a week it was a little hypocritical to be honest. That's right Leggat, BLOG MORE! And Billy! You need to blog more too! You haven't blogged since early May! I'd also like to see Simmo and Kenzie blog more too but that's another story.

Anyway I was going to tidy my room and iron my clothes but instead I'm writing a blog and listening to Supergrass (actually I'm listening to The Kinks but that's like so predictable so I'm saying Supergrass instead). I have to stop for a minute because I hear people outside and I want to tease them with my strongbow can on a string. Damn, someone stole it - snapped it right off the string. I guess there is such a thing as pure evil.

Speaking of pure evil, Stacey signed me up to work at McDonald's (I did it before but apparently I was "too honest"). By the way I'm not saying Stacey's evil, I'm calling McDonald's evil - big difference. Though Stacey did call me a "lazy shite" the other day - I think she's a little bitter about me beating her at that 'friends' game. Stacey's a bad loser.

Recently, my life has revolved heavily around either playing Xbox, making pasta(I'm going to invent the greatest pasta sauce known to man - I told Leggat already - tell them Leggat!) and going to Tesco(no, not Tesco Extra). Tesco's great but they don't seem to sell hoi sin sauce - or water balloons.

I have some pictures that I plan on posting on the blog along with related anecdotes - some funny, some tragic. But I can't find the cable for my phone because my room's so unorganised. It doesn't help that I don't have a chest of drawers. I suppose I should go do that ironing now - after all, those clothes aren't going to iron themselves - or are they?

What about the elephants?

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  1. Classic blogging right here, pure old school. Back of the net!!! Anyway, yay i got a mention :D