Wednesday, 29 July 2009

wheely fucked up stuff

I was commenting on another blog earlier and I got that stupid anti-bot verification thing looking a bit like this...

Now fair enough it's there to stop spam, but it's just so damn inconvenient.

The one thing that got me though was the small picture next to where you type. A picture of a wheelchair. In the magical world of the internet, what does having a wheelchair have to do leaving a comment on a blog? Surely I'm not the only one who can type without walking, wheelchair people should be able to aswell. Maybe if you're on a wheelchair, you can't read the funny text they have and pressing the button gives an alternitive way of sharing this information. I decidd to press the button and a voice started playing. Did the voice say what the letters were? I don't think it actually did. it was all backwardsy - quite scary really. Kept saying something about "saint N?" and how he sad and had a tool shed or somthing, then it wend on to say someone (I didn't get the name) was a "big ol' bender". Clearly, disabled people can't read funny text but can hear sounds if they are played in reverse - that's a sciento-logical (nothing to do with scientology)fact.

This post contained 2 made up words and countless spelling mistakes - I'm sure Leggat will find them and point them out for/at me.

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