Saturday, 18 July 2009

"This country..."

I went to the jobcenter earlier this morning. They weren't doing job searches today, instead, they were just doing benefit claims... That's right, you go to find work but instead they offer you money for nothing - what an incentive. No wonder the country's gone to shit. I say "gone to shit", I don't think it's that bad - yet. Though I could do with a job, apparently I'm not good enough for McDonald's. The other day, Stacey said I looked like the Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy? But I'm not black - yet.

It's raining outside... I'm talking about the weather, that's what this post has come to. Maybe a picture could change the subject.


Oh Josef you crazy fool *shakes head at Josef Fritzl's crazy foolishness*.

The Austrian version of 'Upstairs Downstairs' - if you don't make it, Sky will!

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