Monday, 27 July 2009

Post #75

Yes, it's my 75th post here!!!

It seems like just yesterday (or at least the day before yesterday) that I was writing my 67th post spectacular. Though this actually is the 75th - the 67th one was actually my 64th or something. I fucked up.
Leggat didn't blog yesterday so I cut myself. But not really. I remember one time he said he was going to blog about a circus or something - but a circus with something unusual about it. Do you remember Leggat? No? Oh never mind then.
I was in WHSmith today. They have a special rack for "The magazine of the week" though there were actually a few different magazines - all about Michael Jackson. When I die, I hope I get on a WHSmith magizine of the month. That's the dream.

Now for another bargain from the lovely people at Tesco...

In other news, someone got arrested across the road yesterday, it was pretty cool. Especially since the person getting arrested was Johnny V - all those days of stealing from charity boxes have finally caught up on him.

well join me next time for Post #76


EDIT: I just found out some more information on the power ranger actor on death row story. Turns out the guy on death row was an extra in an episode and he killed a couple on a boat... as you do.


  1. Sauces 1 pound each or 2 for 2 pound wut?

  2. they're up to £1.47 now. It's fucking grim