Wednesday, 8 July 2009

7 - 8 - 9 ... If you're American!!!!!!!

They put the month before the date over there - hence the high rate of gun crime.

Anyway, enough of me insulting the most powerful nation in the world(for now), my room has almost made it to a state of perfection. I was up till 5am yesterday tidying and I'll probably do the same now but my room is actually starting to look tidy - not bad considering I don't have anything for storing clothes other than a cardboard box - Oh and since I still haven't got any fucking keys!
My landlord said he'd get them for me sometime after 5pm and it's now 3:50am - He's cutting it fucking short.

I found the cable for connecting my phone to my laptop but I can't be arsed getting it right now so this post won't have any pictures in it - unless I find a good one on my laptop...

I'm trying to upload a GIF of Alan Partridge playing airbass but it doesn't seem to be working. If it uploads before I've finished this post, I'll include it.

Speaking of enve- oh it loaded...

damn, the animation won't work.


Speaking of envelopes, Leggat ran my toe over in Tesco today. A little girl started laughing at my pain but I soon wiped the smile of her face - with a gun.

Yeah, this post went quite sour at the end didn't it?

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