Thursday, 23 July 2009

RIP Leggat

Leggat's not actually dead (unless he died in the last couple of hours, in which case; my bad.) he's just gone home for a week or 2. We got water balloons yesterday and a thing for making giant bubbles but that's got little to do with this anecdote(I MIGHT mention it later). The story really started when we threw them at a bus... what a brilliant idea (or maybe I should say "water balloonient idea". that's actually a bit too forced, "water brilliant idea" would probbably get a better reaction but I want to go over-board with this pun. If you go over-board on a boat, you end up in water which brings me back to the subject I was talking about - water. Well water in balloon form anyway) ... I compltely lost where I was because of all that stuff I put in brackets. In the end, some guy shouted at Leggat and tried to kill us... unsuccessfully.

To break the post up a little, here's what me and Leggat did with Johnny's guitar...

He "lost sleep over this".

I would've written this post a little earlier but the router restart its self so I decided to poo instead.

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