Sunday, 7 March 2010

Licence to kill... time watching videos.

I was at the red cross shop the other week. Not the conveniently close one I volunteer at but the smaller one that's like 558 miles up Perth road. Anyway, the other week I went on a like 50 hour walk up Perth road to the red cross shop that's there. It was pound day. All items of clothing cost £1. I got an unused, £65 shirt FOR A POUND. Yeah, I'm proud of that one. I also got a 2010 calender (about fucking time). It had cats on it. The most exciting thing I bought however was a box set of the first 18 James Bond films on VHS. I'm onto licence to kill. That's number 16 btw. I also got a job. Same day in fact. By the end of the month, I'll have money. Money. Money! I'm finally going to be able to replace my record player that broke OVER A YEAR AGO. How I've lasted a year without that sweet vinyl crackle is beyond me. I'll probably by more rum too. Lots of rum.

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