Sunday, 25 July 2010

As Seen On TV - The Exciting Conclusion of my previous post (As Not Seen On TV)

Well as it turns out, The TV did go to my neighbours and my parents got it when they got home. But then there came the dilemma of getting it down here (well actually I'm in Rothes right now but let's just pretend that I'm in Dundee). DHL - who'd delivered it in the first place claim that they don't deliver TVs bigger than 32" - mine's 37". I ended up getting it delivered from City Link - "Next day delivery". They picked it up on Thursday and delivered it on Monday. Aye, good ane City Link, the bastards charged £40 for it as well. Pricks.

The TV's fucking great. I finally get to live the dream of having a massive TV in my bedroom. Though the batteries that came with the remote control were flat. Boo.

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