Wednesday, 28 January 2009


In The Beginning...

well this is where I'll be doing my blogs now. No more massive boring blogs on my bebo page - now my blogs will be shorter and more to the point. But more than that, my blog... will have... pictures!

For example, here's a picture of Leggat wearing a traffic cone on his head...

...There Was Something Else

Of course I've been using "Daffodil Soup" for several things over the last 2 and a half years, such as a website(or 2) and a section in my old school magazine. It was removed from the school Magazine for being too offencive or something - that's how cool it was.

I bet you have high hopes for this blog. I did, but I also had high hopes for Leggat's flat 14 blog which hasn't been updated since august (hint hint).

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