Wednesday, 28 January 2009

pedoscat Vs paedoscat

One Thing I forgot...
I was going to post this in my 'hello' post but as it turns out, I can't have more than 1 picture in each poster. How shit.
Because of that I had to make a choice. I forgot that the picture of Leggat wearing a cone wasn't really relevant to anything where as this other picture I wanted to show has a story behind it. I had typed out the story and I ctrl+ced it so that I could paste it here. Unfortunately I ctrl+ced something else afterwards and now if I ctrl+v I get "" oh me and my shameless pluggin

...I Never Forget

Because I'm not retarded, I can easily remember the simple anecdote. Billy doesn't touch children. I think. But he has taken some recent jokes of paedophilia at his expense very well. A few of us decided that it would be fun to type incriminating stuff in Billy's google search bar such as "child Porn" or "pedoscat" (Pedoscat quite possibly needs a post to its self - I hear they're the best hardcore punk band of all time).
Anyway, thanks to

I actually think I might be able to post more than 1 picture in a post, i just couldn't find the window to do so...

Now I feel like a right fool. (BTW Grilled SPAM is lovely, don't listen to the cynics

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  1. Fuck you leggat its nazi germany impersonating christmas