Monday, 8 June 2009

You silly Nazis you!

So the BNP got a couple of seats in europe or something. I'm still not certain what that means but I've got the feeling that it's not a good thing because seats mean power (I assume) and the BNP are Nazis. I was at a socialist thing last week. Tommy Sheridan was there. What a guy. He really doesn't like the BNP so neither do I!

Now a lot of people will say things like "Martin you lazy cunt, how can you complain about politics if you can't even be bothered voting" Fuck you, I still pay VAT on things that I buy, I can complain as much as I want (by the way, good luck to Leggat at his guitar hero tournement thing on Wednesday). If I voted, the BNP would still have gotten those chairs so it doesn't even matter!


  1. I'm pretty sure many people hate Tommy Sheridan cause he's a bit of a whingeing poof box. I mean he was in big brother ffs. He only supports the lower class.

  2. Tommy Sheridan would kick your arse... with words!