Wednesday, 2 December 2009

DOSing about

I remember being a kid, my parents had a computer with Windows 95 - it was the most amazing thing ever. Well, for the time anyway - it's shite by today's standards. Anyway, I remember my dad had gotten a bunch of floppy disk games on the cheap for some reason. Most of them either didn't work - or were rubbish but there was one game that I played a lot. Probably One of the first games that I played religiously...

Fucking 'Jill of the Jungle'!

Look at that sexy pixelated bitch - she fucks the shit outta Samus Aran!

I'd forgotten the game existed (to an extent) until today when I had a brainwave - I started by searching for "Jane of the Jungle". There's no such thing. Then something saying "Jill of the Jungle" came up. THAT WAS IT! As it turns out, Jill of the Jungle was an early release by Epic - the games company behind Gears of War. They've come a long way.
I decided to download a DOS emulator (because apparently, Command Prompt just isn't good enough) and a freeware version(or was it a shareware version) of Jill Of the Jungle. After a wee bit of re-learning how to open programs using commands, I had the game up and running, it was glorious. All the sound effects where there to remind me of my youth - the high pitched noise fire-birds make when they fly into something, the sinister laughing that happens whenever Jill dies - it's all there. After about half an hour, I'd completed the game. It was totally worth all the hard work. I then went to see what other DOS games were out there for me to get my hands on. I've got a few so far including "a demonstration version of the forthcoming game 'Lemmings' from Psygnosis."


  1. I have all the Lemmings for the PC. From the original to the newer, slightly weirder and harder ones. You should 100% borrow them off me.

    Also, I got the 1000th view of your Sssslog.

  2. I read the last like 6 posts of your blog...i care <3