Monday, 14 December 2009

Let'sco To Tesco

I haven't had a lot of photos on my blog lately, That's because my phone (with its built in camera) won't charge. No charge = no phone. No phone = no phone camera. No phone camera = no picture of when tesco mistook a 360 version of Assassin's creed 2 for a PS3 version (the opposite of what Jonny D did.). No picture of when... well you get the picture - or not - as the case may be.

Anyway, I bought new deodorant the other night. I chose the stuff I did because it was cheaper than Africa (the deodorant, not the continent) and as it (actually it was still cheaper than the continent - much cheaper than the continent in fact. Ignore that bit about it not being cheaper than the continent of Africa.) turns out, it smelled nicer than Africa too(The deodorant, I've never smelled the continent). I also bought a woolly hat for £3 - just so my ears don't freeze off. that cold weather should be illegal or something.

While I was in Tesco buying hats and deodorant, I saw 2 people down the isle. They looked familiar, in fact they looked a lot like... Holy shit it was Billy and Jonny!. Surprise doesn't really work in the past tense, it just makes it look like I only realised it was them just now. Which I didn't! Jonny was drunk and wanted to be sick in the 'Tesco finest' section. And Billy was... well Billy. He got cigarettes.

It's probably been posted up here before, but here's a picture of Billy smoking...

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