Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy no extra costs for single people day

Also known as valentines day. Also known as singles awareness day. Also known as a day in which I got no cards in the post - That's either because no one loves me or because it's Sunday - or both. Or all three.

Basically, today is boring. I'm also inexplicably tired. I've been tired all day. Even though I had a great sleep last night. The router's also just reset itself so if I want some porn for a valentines day wank, I'm screwed. Though to be fair I've already had two, any more would be spoiling myself.

I bought 'Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge and other less successful characters Live' on DVD today. Thanks to the use of clubcard vouchers, it was free - basically. It was alright. Not great. I certainly wouldn't call it "shamelessly funny" like those fools at The Guardian and I definitely wouldn't describe it as "Some of the best laughs I've had all year" like those cunts at the Times. Or should I say... BEHIND the times!(Knowing Me Knowing You reference). I did like the pythonesque, closing song about how everyone's a bit of a cunt. That bit was very good.

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