Monday, 8 February 2010

Oh Maya God I Hate Maya

By Maya, I don't mean "the world's going to end in 2012" Maya. I mean "stupid 3D modelling program that's actually very good but is a pain in the arse to use if you're a beginner (ie me)" Maya.

I got into the bit in Whitespace (despite what the Abertay adverts tell you, it's not the most interesting place in the world) with the computers with 2 monitors at about 11:20. The computer wasn't fully loaded up until about 11:30. It took another 10 minutes for Maya to fucking start.

Of course, because there was no sign of the program starting, I tried opening it again. Twice. It was like a time capsule of 3D Modelling. Except shit.

On top of that, the right monitor keeps disconecting from the computer whenever there's the slightest bump on the desk. Even typing this is setting it off. I would sort the caple at the computer's end, but the computer's on some sort of dodgy platform - it would probably fall off easily and I can't afford to break a computer. Not at the moment anyway. looks like it's off for good now.

Breaking barriers? More like breaking connections between computers and monitors... or something wittier than that. I don't know!

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  1. After writing that post, I turned off the computer and left. I accidentally knocked the computer with my knee and the monitor started working.