Thursday, 8 April 2010

Finally saw Casino Royale...

It was quite good.

Though if I'm feeling pedantic (and I am) I can think of a few things that are just pure wrong.

My first point, and this is a biggie... FELIX LIGHTER'S NOT BLACK!

And Miss Money Penny's not male.

The film's based when James Bond first gets his licence to kill so it's a prequel to Dr No and the rest of the films(I'm just talking about the films in this blog, not the books). Since James Bond meets Felix Lighter in Dr No without knowing him, they couldn't have met in Casino Royal.

Not to mention, James doesn't get his Trademark Walther PPK(as originally used by THE NAZIS)until Dr No, before then, he'd been using his much loved Beretta for around a decade.

Also at one point it's said that James went to Oxford. Anyone who's seen You Only Live Twice can tell you that he got a first in oriental languages from Cambridge.

But overall, good film. There were a couple of George Lazenbyish moments towards the end and the Parkour bomb maker at the start seemed like they were just jumping on the free running band-wagon But there were some nice bits.

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