Sunday, 13 June 2010

Unexpected Christmas Albums Vol1 - NWA Straight Outta Crimbo

Release Date: 18/12/89
Track Listing
1. Jingle Mutha-Fuckin' Bells
2. Merry X-mas Everybody (is Gunna Die)
3. Express Yourself (Festive version)
4. Black Christmas
5. Rudolph the Red Nosed Nigga
6. Fuck Tha Cavalry
7. Happy Xmas (War Is Only Just Beginning)
8. Homey it's Cold Outside
9. Fuck Tha Halls
10. Santa Clause is Coming To Compton (And We Gonna Shoot His White Ass)

The year was 1988 and NWA were feeling festive. Their 'crib' was all decorated and they had a Christmas tree so big that it could be seen from all over the ghetto. You could barely move for all the tinsel. With a mince pie in his hand and one of those hats you get out of Christmas crackers on his head, Ice Cube turned to Dr Dre and said "Yo man, let's make a Christmas album" and Dr Dre - giddy with excitement replied with "fuck yeah!". Within an hour, the whole group were there in the recording studio and by the end of the week, they had recorded what would later become Straight outta Crimbo. Unfortunately, one man stood in their way. Salvador Dali. Dali refused to believe that there was such thing as Christmas in the hood and so used his powerful mind control tricks that he'd picked up during a trip to madrid to stop the album's release. NWA pleaded with him to let the release go ahead but he simply came back to them with "Over my dead Body". As it happens, Salvidor Dali was very ill at this point and died of heart failure in January 1989. This gave the group the best part of a year to make Straight Outta Crimbo the best Christmas album ever. And boy did they succeed!

Fun fact: The cover for this album shows Dr Dre wearing his famous Santa beard which he'd go on to wear every day in December - every year until Eminem chainsawed it off of his face in 2001. Dre hasn't spoken about it since.

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