Monday, 14 June 2010

Unexpected Christmas Albums Vol2 - Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin XII days of Christmas

Release Date: 25/12/72
Track Listing
1. Stairway To Christmas
2. Whole Lotta Lovely presents
3. The Snow Song
4. Jingle Bell Rock And Roll
5. Christmas in Middle Earth
6. Bron-Yr-xmas

Following the success of Led Zeppelin I(1969), Led Zeppelin II(1969), Led Zeppelin III(1970) and Led Zeppelin IV(1971). Led Zeppelin Guitarist Jimmy page decided that it was only right for the band to spend 1972 recording and releasing 8 more numbered Led Zeppelin albums. None of his band members thought it would be possible apart from bassist John-Paul Jones who egged Jimmy on saying that he should probably give each album a "quirky" subtitle. The first was January's Led Zeppelin V Live which wasn't - as the title suggests - a live album. Second was March's Led Zeppelin VI days 'till Easter - so called because of Easter happening 6 days after it was released. They then did Led Zeppelin VII th seal(May), Led Zeppelin 55 VIII - AKA The worst album ever recorded(June), Led Zeppelin IX tynine red balloons(August), Led Zeppelin X Y Z(October), Led Zeppelin XI th month of the year(November) and finally Led Zeppelin XII days of Christmas Which - because of a Christmas day release date - failed to sell well because everywhere was closed. Because No shops were open to receive the albums, the vast majority of the records perished due to the winterly weather.

Fun Fact: The cover featured the same painting - belonging to Robert Plant - as on The Band's fourth album but it had been modified to look more festive by Jimmy Page. This really pissed off Robert Plant.

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