Sunday, 1 March 2009

Doing Walkers A F(l)avour - Part 2

Well I had the other flavours a few days ago so now I can make a decision... or maybe I should make 4!

When I heard of this flavour, my first impression of it was that it sounds horrible... My first impression was spot on. Still though, it's better than fish and chips - 2/10

The flavouring on these crisps are the same as onion ring crisps. It should be noted now that I love onion rings (both the crisps and the battered onion things). Though it's not all about flavour when you're eating crisps. The texture and taste just didn't go - 6/10

The first new flavour that I'd heard of; the last I tried (actually I might have tried it earlier but that's not as exciting). I knew that these would either be Very good or very not good. There's no not about it, these are very good crisps - 9/10

Well would you look at that. Looks like it's between Builder's Breakfast and cajun squirrel. Builder's Breakfast is easier to spell so for that reason, it's getting my vote.

Though I still wouldn't choose it over a bag of prawn cocktail or salt n vinegar. Now THEY are 10/10 crisps... also wotsits - AND NIK NAKS!!!!

do we really need new crisps?

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