Thursday, 12 March 2009

Good ane ASDA!

I went to ASDA today and it turns out they don't sell pizza bases. I mean what kind of shop doesn't sell pizza bases? I asked them - I said "are you going to get any in" and they said they didn't know. Also the areal connector I bought turned out to be the wrong kind.

After my rather sizable shopping adventure, I decided to use the "super fast and efficient" self-service checkouts. I fucking hate those things - They're all like "put your item in the bagging area" then "unexpected item in the bagging area" - WHAT THE FUCK - how can it be unexpected!?!? You just fucking told me to put it there. I then move the item out of the bagging area - "please return the item to the bagging area - you cannot continue until the item is returned to the bagging area" - WHAT!?!!? Don't tell to something if you're only going to start throwing threats around when I do it!

Stupid ASDA

Can't even do good maths...

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  1. What kind of a shop doesn't sell Alpen.
    It's rediculous.