Friday, 2 December 2011

Cheers Facebook

They could have just said "is Single" or even "is now single" but noooo...

"Martin Martin Macleod Macleod (Yes I use my full name as middle name on Facebook) Went from being in a relationship - being a happy functional member of society - to single - What a fucking loser freak. Let's throw faeces at the loser freak - I bet his hard drive's going to be filled to the fucking brim with disgusting pornography. Just wank and cry. Wank and cry.

Luckily it wasn't really that heavy a relationship and I'm still friends with the girl. But if I had just been dumped by 'the one', that love heart they stick there would be a nice pile of salt in the wound. It would be more sensitive to put a swastika there.

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