Friday, 21 August 2009

Hogan knows... best?

There's a Hulk Hogan film on BBC2. He's got a simmilar acting style to Dean Learner in garth marenghi's darkplace - in that he can't act. The main difference is, he's not acting like he can't act. He can't act. Luckily for the Hulkster, everyone else in this film is bad at acting. There's a parrot that can talk. I don't mean saying the same things over and over again, I mean it can speak full conversations with people. Real parrots don't do that. At one point, a bunch of prople were trying to push a car out of the sand, no one could. Then Hogan comes along and pushes it out himself. He's like a kids' TV version of Arnie.

All the bad guys in this film seem to be black. Maybe Hulk Hogan's a little racist.

Now we're gonna play 'spot the Alan Partridge reference'

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