Monday, 3 August 2009

I'm bloggin' and I hope you like bloggin' too.

Look at me, I'm posting in my blog - unlike a certain Martin Leggat Yeah that's right! We share a first name!

Anyway. As I was saying, I'm posting on my blog. I was tidying my room - I'll get back to that when I've finished this post. "But Martin!" (how do you know my name?) "Didn't you tidy your room less than a month ago" (oh right, I said it earlier in the post) "how can your room not still be tidy from then?" Well, fictional enquirer, Just after I'd finished tidying my room last time, I had to move everything into the middle of the floor for the bugman. The bugman never came, he got killed by a killer ant or something(killer ants - worse than swine flu). Luckily another Bugman came about 3 days later and sprayed the flat. I've just about finished recovering from it - oh look, a meal worm crawling out of the edge of my room. wait, that's no meal worm.

Fucking killer ants!

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