Saturday, 19 September 2009

Not so fresh now! Are we!?!?!?

So Freshers week - freshotpospher - freshipeshipopy - Freshers week. Abertay's freshers week is almost over. I've met like 2 freshers. I supose the only reason I met more last year was because I was living with them but... blueargh who cares?

Another thing about last year was that I didn't have swine flu, well I don't have swine flu right now (probably) but I do have a cough that's been going on for 2 weeks. *cough*

Freshers week its self has been pretty shite this year. The Pub quiz was on at 5:30. Who the fuck goes to a pub quiz at 5:30. Not us, we went at half 8. And were late. There was the school Disco thing where you had to go in school uniform. What kinda school makes you wear a uniform to a disco - Though saying that, if a girl dressed as slutty as that at my school, they would've been sent home. I'm not complaining - I'm just saying - not exactly accurate is it?

There was a special celebrity guest... I say celebrity, it was Sree from Big Brother. I don't know him either, all I know is that you had to pay to have your photo taken with him - and for some reason, some people did.

Now here's what should've been the theme tune to the last Bond film

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