Wednesday, 12 January 2011


so yeah... I was going to start blogging again (good ain Martin)

Well what the fuck you think I'm doing now!

Stalling? You think I'm stalling? You think I have things to say? Opinons? Stuff that I could post on this blog that matters?

Well no, I don't. But I'm going to pretend I do...

So... those Chilean miners huh? When you think they're going to get out of the mine? Wha- oh. Right, they got out. But surely they've got to go back down again. Right?
I mean they ARE miners. That's what miners do, they mine. In holes. They've had a nice, several months long holiday, time to go back down some holes.
...And hopefully get back up at the end of their shifts this time.

In conclusion, I'm blogging again. Blogging like it's 2009... or like it's 2007. I blogged a lot in 2007.

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