Thursday, 27 January 2011

"You missed a Video Call from Leggat."


Fuck you MSN! Why would you deliver such horrific news.

Said video call would've happened about 4 hours ago when I was at the union. It could've been wonderful.

Yeah sure there'd be the awkward stage where I realise that not only is my webcam not plugged in, but it's not even been installed.

It would only take 10 minutes of me staring at an increasingly enraged Leggat before I'd get that started. Then all the camming would be wonderful.

He'd be all like; "LOLOLOL I can see you!" and I'd be like; "lolol I could see you first"
(Because it took like 10 minutes for me to install the fucking webcam)


(I had to find a fucking driver and everything)


(Not happy)

Anyway, none of that happened because I wasn't there.

All I've got are vivid imaginings of the world that could have been.

Fair well world.

...For now.

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